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My drawings :blush: I hope you all like it :meow:


The best Drawings of my favorite Artists !!! :w00t:
Please fave their works too!!
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Everyone I'm very sorry for not being updated here in DeviantART. I had been not so active during the whole summer which was the time that I have enough time to draw Art works. Please for give me 'kay? But don't worry I'm still active I daily open my account and responding on message right? So that means I'm still here active on everything but not on submitting works. Because I son't have enough time to do one, but now School's Back ahead me I'll try my best to submit Art works though I'll just open on Saturdays.. But I won't missed on drawing events! Like New Years,Christmas and all that...
I'll respond on messages well,fave works and comment on your drawings but not that active much. So I'm so sorry!
Since I'll be back to school,A ton of stressful stuffs is on my way. But lucky for all I enrolled so late-very late! That when I was supposed on star sections I'll be back to regular classes (Oh No!Not Again!).Though despite of that I'm happy I wasn't on those kind of a sections because even when I'm on a regular class they call me a nerd and I just can't stand there looking dumbfounded and ignoring their teases,BECAUSE FOR PETE'S SAKE I GOT TWO EARS,TWO EYES AND A PRIDE! So I just can't help myself rolling my eyes with eyes shut for not them to see that I'm so really pissed and pestered. Well I'm glad at the fact that I won't be at the section that was last year because they bully me there and I can't help to let out a heavy sigh and roll my eyes with eyes shut! They tease me,they copy my work with their threats and they screwed me.. And when they knew I got transfer out from their section they told me they will MISS me a lot!No but no thanks I'll start a new life with a new people to be with.So I'l be having a new company and I hope they won't bully me and shower me with their teases.BECAUSE I'VE HAD ENOUGH!What do they think I don't get angry?!It doesn't mean I'm just doing nothing and stare at my shoes I don't get angry! And if they make my fuse got short I swear I'm gonna explode!! And that those bullies are one of the reasons I got stress!Well who won't be? So I hope this school year won't be that bad such as last year..


I hope so.. :shrug:


Hello Everyone!
My name is Jinx but i prefer you to call me HoneyGlaze..
I love sweet things most especially chocolates!!YUM!
I love drawing and discovering new things..!
I love calling people sweet names..!
I give names to my art materials cause they are very valuable to me..

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leanzaofearth Jul 31, 2013   Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for the favorites! (,,> 7 <,,)
You are welcome!! I like your drawings so much that it deserves to be fave!!
leanzaofearth Aug 2, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank you! :blush:
You are so welcome!! :heart:
SugarBubbles2000 Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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